June 18, 2021

Quiz and Certification Plugin – Proacademy LMS

This item is a quiz & certificate plugin for Proacademy LMS that lets instructors create various quizzes and advanced certificates for courses.

Quiz plugin features

-Unlimited quizzes:

Instructors can create unlimited quizzes and assign them to their courses.

-Unlimited questions:

Every quiz can include unlimited questions.

-Various questions:

This plugin supports multiple-choice, descriptive, and image questions. Instructors can specify the grade for each question.

-Pass mark:

The instructor can specify the pass mark for each quiz.

-Quiz attempts:

The instructor can set fail attempts for each quiz.

-Quiz time:

Quizzes can be defined for unlimited time or limited time. If the instructor set time, the quiz will be finished after the countdown stopped.

-Auto & manual correction:

The result of the multiple-choice questions will be calculated automatically. If a quiz includes one or more descriptive questions, the result should be manually for this kind of question.


The instructor and admin can manage the results and analyze them with expanded details.

Certificates plugin features

-Certificates: Instructors can enable certificate generation for each quiz.

-Conditional certificates:

Instructors can enable conditions for certificates. If a student passes a quiz successfully, the certificate will be generated.

-Certificate customization:

Admin can customize the certificate design. The background and text can be changed from the admin panel.



  • Some features like edit & delete are disabled in the demo version.
  • This is not an independent item. This plugin designed for Proacademy LMS exclusively so if you want to use it, you should purchase Proacademy LMS before.



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